Art MAsters 2015 – Reflection

I am currently half-way through my MA in Textiles at UCA Farnham. A couple of weekends ago I took part in the Art MAsters Show at The Old Truman Brewery, London and realised the importance of seeing my work in context with other practitioners exploring the same area of interest as me. For me, the show felt like the completion of my first year and I now feel ready to start a new body of work combining the knowledge that I have learnt over the past year with my previous sources of inspiration.

Below are some photos of my work from the exhibition and other artists in the show whose work really resonated with me.

Art MAsters

Internal Objects, 2015
Exploring our ability to internalise people and objects, I have wrapped found vessels with thread to represent the body as a container for emotion.

Internal Objects

Introjection & Projection, 2015
Referencing the mirroring relationship between mother or primary carer and infant in the early stages of development, this series of short films and wrapped found objects highlight the role of the transitional object as it moves between internal and external reality during the formation of self.

Introjection & Projection

Introjection & Projection Film Stills

Little Madnesses, 2015
Capturing the spirit of the first ‘not-me’ possession in the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott’s theory of transitional objects and potential space, my ‘Little Madnesses’ investigate the evocative term Winnicott gave to people’s most intensely felt enthusiasms within the sphere of creativity.

Little Madnesses

Ali Darke

Ali’s sculptural installations reveal the landscapes, inhabitants and dramas of an inner world. She delves into a transitional space between fantasy and reality, a liminal hinterland littered with the residue of lived experience.

Ali Darke

Lucinda Burgess
Lucinda Burgess creates installations that register in some way the actions of the viewer, causing them to change direction and enabling them to perceive the work differently.

Lucinda Burgess

Lucy Andrews
Lucy Andrews work opens a dialogue on our involvement with the world. She investigates where human beings stand in relation to nature, the cosmos and our relationship with surroundings. ‘Vestige’ is an investigation of the human body’s experience of water, the experience of immersion and the dissolution of the body in water.

Lucy Andrews

Veronica Shimanovskaya
Veronica Shimanovskaya’s paintings are part of a series of exploratory work concerned with the moment of emergence. The most important part of the work is staying in the moment connected with paint, its fluidity or viscosity, colours and their behaviour towards each other, bring to life unique combinations and unrepeatable forms.

Veronica Shimanovskaya


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