Designer Crafts on the Mall 2016

Unfortunately this exhibition finishes tomorrow but I was really impressed with some of the new licentiate members.

I particularly liked the following but there was actually lots of really interesting and inspiring work.

Amanda Woollard
Dark Corners
Amanda chose to create a body of responses to the subject of mental health inspired by a former patient of the West Riding Pauper and Lunatic Asylum during the mid-nineteenth century. She used embroidered text and florals to express the beauty which lies beneath the surface of the dark sinister elements of the narrative.


Holly Hart
Holly creates artwork inspired by her childhood memories. She constructs delicate and intricate structures which are influenced by scenes from her grandparents garden, capturing the enchanting and fairytale qualities which the garden and its inhabitants possessed when she was a child.


Susi Clark
In Praise of Shadows
Susi is inspired by the play of light, dark and shadows in the interpretation of space. She takes some of the themes discussed by Junichiro Tanazaki and explores them by using shadow in the colour and structure of her weaving.


Miriam Rose
Miriam’s work was created to record the legacy of her father, one shared by many other displaced Polish and Jewish families as a result of the second world war. The pairs of paper laminated cloth suggest a 3D family tree, revealing snatches of the unfolding story glimpsed through the images.



I also found the work of current member Batool Showghi very interesting.

Batool Showghi
Her work is based on her experience of living in Iran and dealing with the issues of memory, identity and loss. She uses the mediums of photography, collage, acrylic and mixed media to convey the issues she is addressing and the thread and stitching symbolise  the restrictions of movement and confinement.

12 – 21 August 2016
The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1



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